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Registration Policies/SCHOLARSHIP Info

November 13, 2019
If you need to add or drop a class there will be a processing fee of $10.00 for each change for anyone registering- including scholarship students & staff. Registration closes on January 6th. There will be no class additions possible after January 6th.

We can only issue partial refunds of 50% for a class- if you notify us one week or less before the class is starting. No refunds once a class has started.

For questions please contact Connect14 Director Joye Levy at

Return bus is now available at 4:30 "Tuesday and Thursday's only"

November 13, 2019
During registration, you must choose the return bus option and you must know the name of your bus stop and include it on the online registration form. We will only be able to accommodate children on the return bus who sign up by January 6th. We will create a return bus route based on who signs up and will let you know your return bus drop off time one week before classes begin. There will be no additions after January 6th once we have created the return bus route it can not be changed. The return bus will drop off in both Manitou Springs and Green Mountain Falls locations.