Biggie Smalls Dance Workshop with On the Break Dance Academy at Greenbox

Using foundational hip hop movement like bounces, rocks and step combinations, paired with upbeat music this program is sure to provide unforgettable experiences for families. Connections between parent and child can nurture the physical, emotional and social development of a child. These impactful experiences are easy to access by simply just dancing together. What goes better with dance than food and drinks? This fun 90 minute dance experience will be paired with a picnic atmosphere. Join us in Studio 6 at the Farmstand, bring a blanket and snacks. 

No experience necessary.

"As a family, our most memorable moments are dancing in our living room. Dance allowed us to be silly together. And in many ways helped us to understand one another on a deeper level. As a parent, I wanted to provide that experience for all families. Because it's easy. It's just movement." Jessica de la Luna, Program Director

TEACHER BIO: Jessica's history with hip hop began as a young dancer exploring space with friends wherever the pavement was wide enough and the music loud enough. Her journey continued seamlessly as she intertwined her everyday with hip hop dance and culture through dancing, competing, and teaching with crews in AZ and CO. All along the way her children, one or all four, danced with her. Jessica's passion to get families (blood or handmade) moving together has birthed the concept of this Biggie Smalls Dance Program and she is beyond psyched to share it with you! 


Green Mountain Falls
On the Break Dance Academy’s Jessica de la Luna
Friday, 10:30 am – 12:00 pm
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Joye Levy, Connect 14 Director