Robotics (Grades PreK-3rd)

We invite you to come see what Pre-K through 3rd grade Connect 14 robotics is all about!  We will work in teams of 4-6 to:

  • Build a robot per team (WeDo 2.0) and learn to program the Bot!
  • Work with MegaBlocks (Pre-K thru 1st) and Legos (2nd-3rd) to build projects and a field demo of what we learn about being "SuperPowered!"  / all about Energy!.
  • Follow a Class Book with your team to LEARN about Energy, Research Energy, and create creative solutions around Energy and how to sustain it better!
  • Have fun and work together!

This is a team task and has lots of learning and group work together!

We are seeking 3 paid coaches for the season and 10 committed parent volunteers to be with/ work with the teams.  We would like for everyone to attend the May 13th Expo here at MSES to see what OTHER teams in the city have been doing, and to CELEBRATE what they have done all semester!

It is an exciting opportunity to create, build, problem solve, and present what you've learned in a culminating, supportive event with FIRST Robotics!  We hope you will join us in adventure!

There will be an additional $20 fee to MSES Robotics for Season t-shirts that is payable to the front office by Aug. 30.

Manitou Springs Elementary School
Kindergarten, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade
Christi Marquardt
Tuesday, 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm
Register now at!

For questions about this session, contact:
Danny Tramel, Director of Arts Integration and Community Wellness (719) 440-2465