Instructor: Mrs. Marquardt
Enjoy this early STEM experience opportunity with the beloved Mrs. Marquardt, Mr. Marcus Jordan and up to two more instructors! Days of practice will be Tuesdays at MSES from 3-4:30pm. Bring a snack and water bottle. Teams will be made up of 6 to 10 students, depending on parent mentor volunteer support. Two paid coaching spots are also available to committed and dependable individuals in district or out. Email

Competition information can be found at The Competition theme is "Cargo Connect" theme with the slogan "We're Driving FIRST Forward: Full Speed Ahead." Students work as a team together to:
*Build a Robot from an EV3 Mindstorm Brick to maneuver the Game Field and complete challenges
*Learn to Program the Robot, add attachments, motors and sensors to complete the Game Tasks on the Game Board. (Matches will be 2 1/2 minutes)
*Take turns at the table during the Match to complete the tasks
*Learn the FIRST Values of Coopertition, Research, Learning, and Fun and show how they use them together as a team
*Choose a topic based on the Challenge (Released August 17, 2021). Develop a creative solution to a problem related to that topic, research the topic, and share their solution with the community. (A 5 min. presentation)
*Participate in a Saturday Tournament in November, depending on State and District Regulations at the time and on Team Fund Raising for the fee.

NEW TO KNOW: Elementary Robotics is now a Collaboration of Families and Connect 14!
Connect 14 will ensure qualified, vetted teachers and a minimum of 18 spots available for students for the above experience. This would equal 3 teams. Up to 54 spots can be made available as the following paid and Volunteer positions are available:
*2 StipendCoaching Positions, 6 -9 Volunteer Parent Mentors

Additional $20 t-shirt fee for "Manitou Elem Robotics" for all Fall Additional Positions Posted
Paid Coach- involves Planning, coaching, and full day competition $0. This is a stipend-based, background check required position. Hours of teaching are 3-4:45 Tues and Thurs Sept. 7 - Dec. 16. Additional lesson planning will be required. A full Saturday Competition, 12 hours, in November will be required. The Stipend is $1000. Two positions are available for committed, approved Adults.

Volunteer Parent Mentor position -$0. Each team needs a sponsored Parent to practice with them at each session and follow them and support them the full day of the tournament. MENTORS AND COACHES ARE NOT ALLOWED TO TOUCH THE ROBOTS OR DO ANY PROGRAMMING! Mentors and Coaches also do NO talking to referees of Judges at Competition- this is 100% a student-led and done program. Must be a student or Adult over 12 years. With more Parents and Team Sponsorships, more teams can be created... up to 9! Team Sponsorship- 3 to 6 more needed -FIRST Team Registration - $237 up to 6 more. Each Team needs a Sponsor for Registration: $237. This allows us to keep team sizes at 6. As long as Volunteers and/or Instructors support 1 - 2 Adults per Team, we can support up to 9 Teams potentially! 3 Teams are already sponsored... up to 6 more can be! Event Sponsorship for each team- Donation: $100 up to 9.

If the Tournament is allowed to take place in November, Teams will need to raise or be sponsored $100 Event Registration fee. 3 Teams are Registration Sponsored. Up to 6 more are needed, depending on participation and Parent Volunteer Involvement. Practice Mat - Cost Donation: $90 up to 8 more.


Manitou Springs Elementary School
Kindergarten, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade
Christi Marquardt
Tuesday, 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm
Register now at!

For questions about this session, contact:
Danny Tramel, Director of Arts Integration and Community Wellness (719) 440-2465